Welcome to our team

People take the center stage with us. For this reason, our company culture is characterized by mutual appreciation and cooperation based on partnership. This includes respect for and tolerance of people from other cultures and their customs.

Everyone who works with us is part of a global family from day one. That means: Every individual makes a significant, visible contribution to our success. Regardless of which function. This climate of mutual respect and appreciation, which promotes achievement and efficient, inspired teamwork, is the philosophy of our company.

A thousand characters and one team

For this reason, we place great value on employees who meet their daily changing challenges with excitement and commitment. We see our employees as entrepreneurs within the enterprise and rely on the self-motivation of every single person. We support them through various (and individually tailored) programs to promote their technical qualifications and personal competencies, and thereby create an environment for the constructive collaboration of all teams for the benefit of our customers.

Therefore, we look for individuals who develop and implement innovative solutions to serve their customers autonomously and on their own accord. We also value employees who show an interest in foreign countries and cultures, who respect humanity and the environment and value the opportunity to work independently, creatively and responsively.

Contributing strength rather than displaying strength

Community creates strength. The diverse biographies, varied professional experiences, talents and qualifications of our employees intertwine, complement and strengthen each other. This combined success through efficient procedures and harmonious, responsible interaction with one another constitutes the strength of our network. We would like you to join us on this journey.