We offer a worldwide warehouse-network with the help of our market-leading partners.

Our warehousing services are an integral component of the supply chain for the procurement and distribution of your goods. With a customized warehouse and process design that takes picking techniques and disbursement strategies into consideration, we create a maximum degree of profitability for each of our partners.

Customized storage concepts

We store all goods according to the individual, customer-specific and legal parameters. This includes required temperature control (heating and cooling) of the goods, professional storage of dangerous materials, or tracking of the serial or batch numbers. In addition, we offer removal from storage based on customer specifications (serial number, shipping unit number, batch) or manual removal.
Different storage systems such as manual or automated pallet racks, shelving racks or cantilever racks, are combined for various requirements of individual industries to create an overall consistent solution.

Focus on the essentials

Warehousing in the context of contract logistics saves you money: You avoid needless inventory and complex handling that is outside of your core competence. We, on the other hand, effectively utilize our warehousing capacities to the fullest through flexible consolidation of multiple customers' goods in our mutli-user warehouses. Since we manage your warehousing within the supply chain processes, you have the opportunity to save time and reduce expenses, and to find new ways to expand your business.
Our "dedicated warehouses" complete the service. These are customized, industry-specific warehousing solutions for high volume customers.