Supply Chain Management

Our customized fulfillment logistics allow you the complete outsourcing of your product management. It is our goal as a logistics service provider to combine all related logistics functions along the supply chain of our customers in an efficient and cost-effective manner. For this reason, Jet Speed includes all logistics services such as transport/freight forwarding, transshipment and storage, as well as targeted IT support, quality assurance, consulting and project planning right up to our numerous industry-specific value-added services.

You tell us your wishes - our experts create a customized, powerful and efficient outsourcing solution for the specific requirements of your supply chain logistics. Systematic market- and customer-oriented coordination of all logistics functions reduces the procurement and delivery times and thereby the inventory and expenses of our customers. This is how Jet Speed creates a classic win-win situation: You are able to concentrate on your core business as well as: developing new markets and revenue potentials. We manage the corresponding logistics processes in the background.

Extensive consultation services

We develop customized logistics and warehouse solutions for you. Our logistics experts with in-depth knowledge of products, industries and markets will design a sustainable model and put it into operation in a time-optimized manner.

Development of customized solutions

Every company has its own way of functioning with its own distinct products, markets, business processes and logistics structures. We make it our job to link individual services from our service portfolio in a meaningful way by keeping your goals and responsibilities in mind. Dovetailing and integration comprise the areas of transport, warehousing and value-added services.


Through the flexible, across-customer consolidation of goods in our multi-user warehouses we can maximize our capacities very effectively. The result: a positive cost efficiency for your company.


If you would like to or are obliged to operate your own warehouse due to your size or industry-specific distinctions, we offer dedicated warehouses.

Industry-specific warehouse solutions

A full range of warehousing procedures is offered in our warehouses: from simple block storage to a fully automated high rack warehouse. At the same time, we are knowledgeable about all warehousing procedures and technologies, including:

  • Best-before-date administration
  • All picking techniques, as well as storage and taking out of storage, such as FIFO/LIFO/FEFO/LEFO
  • Tracking of serial and batch numbers
  • Temperature controlled/non-temperature controlled processes
  • Proper hygienic handling of food
  • Dangerous goods storage and expertise

Cross-industry value-added services

In addition to process-oriented value-added services (e. g. finishing, display assembly or sleeving), we offer numerous product-oriented value-added services (e. g. packing and repacking, quality control or repairs).